Grain Free Meat

BeefI thought I would let you know I have just placed my first 100% grass-fed organic meat order with Sheepdrove Farm – they are one of the listed suppliers in the TGF book.

I am not a natural meat eater (although I am blood type 0 so a carnivore genetically-speaking!) so I don’t eat a lot, but I seem to need beef. Many a time my family has had to march me off and make me eat a steak when I am flagging – I think I metabolise the iron in beef better than any other source.

So, I have started by ordering some beef for my freezer. The delivery cost is pretty high so best to order in bulk and stock up a bit in my view. I ordered some beef mince, beef cubes for stews and casseroles, beef steaks for desperate times, and a large beef roasting joint.

I was tempted by the burgers too, but I wasn’t sure what was in them. I received a reply from Sheepdrove today:

“Our standard seasoned beef burgers are gluten free. They just contain our organic beef mince and some salt and pepper. We can also do plain gluten free lamb, pork and chicken burgers. However these would just be mince pressed into a burger shape so you may actually prefer to buy our organic mince and then you can add your own extra ingredients and make your own burgers.”

Good advice. When the delivery arrives, I shall be portioning the mince into freezer bags and making some burgers and meatballs. Perhaps I should have ordered more?? (Can’t say I will make them as nice as Tim did in the Masterchef final last night, though – brilliant, I thought!)

I will cook the roast and then cut it into thin slices and then bag those up in 2/3 slice portions. That way, whenever anyone has a roasty-type dinner or I fancy a beef salad, thai curry or stir-fry, I have some easily available. The fewer the slices in the bag, the quicker to defrost them, I reckon.

It looks from Sheepdrove’s answer then, that you can also buy their grass-fed lamb in mince too. Personally, having just spent a weekend in the Shropshire hills surrounded by the cutest, tiniest lambs you have ever seen, I can’t quite bring myself to eat it. What a wimp!

Anyway, I shall let you know how I get on with my order. Meantime, Anthony has written in to suggest a visit to Fordhall Farm, another of our recommended grain free meat suppliers, where he went recently.

“Have you been to Fordhall Farm, which isn’t too far from Warwick, in north Shropshire near Market Drayton?  We visited recently and met the lovely family who run the place – and bought some meat from them.  They’re in the process of building a huge new shop plus restaurant, which will open late May.  It could well be worth a day trip for your local clients – and they could have lunch there as well.”

Sounds like a plan! Thanks Anthony.


7 thoughts on “Grain Free Meat

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  2. […] have now received my delivery of 100% organic grass-fed beef from Sheepdrove. See my previous post here. My verdict: […]

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  4. Thank you Miki.

    By the way, whats the link between blood type and diet as you mentioned?

    • Hi Helen. My view is that it tends to be the hunter-gatherers amongst us – usually blood type Os – who have not evolved yet to metabolise and break down new foods like gluten. Blood type As seem to be happier gut-wise with cereals and grains and I suspect they have started to adapt to the new agricultural way of eating whereas typical carnivores like Os haven’t.

  5. aleea hibbeln

    Is chicken a safe TGF food since all grains have gluten and the chicken eats corn for food. I’ve been unable to tolerate that and turkey for a while now.
    Miss Stanley

    • No, sadly not. Grain fed animals for meat are not TGF safe. I have found most TGF patients can’t tolerate grain fed meat. There is a full list of safe and unsafe foods and of UK suppliers in the ebook which should help.

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