Hazelnut Bread Crackers

Yum! I just had my lunch and thought I would tell you what I had. Remember, I wrote about the almond bread? Well, I hadn’t got any almond butter so used some hazelnut butter instead that I found in my cupboard. I didn’t like the smell or taste of the bread as much actually – stronger somehow – but certainly OK.

However, I found I only had the end of a loaf left at lunchtime so I decided to try the cracker idea out. I cut the last little bit into very thin slices and popped them on a tray in a lowish oven for 10 minutes. They crisped up lovely. A bit like melba toast but held together well and nice and crunchy. As they cooled, they became even crunchier.

I had them with some mashed egg, cress, cherry tomatoes and mayonnaise. Was yummy. Full now. I miss crackers and crunch so I am really pleased you can get the bread and crackers out of one recipe. Have a go for a quick, healthy lunch.


2 thoughts on “Hazelnut Bread Crackers

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