Coconut and Almond Flour

If you have followed my advice to get the almond and coconut flour books, you will now need to know where to get your flours from.

Almond ‘Flour’

In general, I have found that the ground almonds easily available from supermarkets in the UK are better than the advertised almond ‘flours’. Almond flour is just ground almonds really. If you do get one you think is a bit less finely milled than it could be, grind it a bit more yourself. I bought a coffee grinder which worked really well. Careful you don’t pulse it for too long, though: on my first attempt I turned it into almond butter – no bad thing as I used it in my bread!

Almond Butter

If making the almond breads, some of them call for almond butter. This is quite expensive in the small jars you can get in health stores and supermarkets. However, the almond ‘flour’ stockist I have included in my ebook has just started to do almond ‘paste’ too:

Nut Paste - Blanched Almond Paste

It is £6.10 per kg which is a lot cheaper than £3 – odd for a small jar, so should bring the total cost of a loaf down nicely.

Note that this company also does the blanched ground almonds at £6.15/kg but these were the ones I felt were a bit coarser than the supermarket ones so you may be fine or grind them as you like. Note, they do process peanuts and pine kernels on site so please watch out for cross contamination if you have a problem with either of those.

Coconut Flour

I have found so far with my experiments that I prefer the texture of almonds to coconut. The coconut muffins I have made so far turn out extremely light and have a spongey texture. I joked that we could have bounced them across the kitchen. Probably me so let me know how you get on.

The coconut flour I am trialling is this one:

Tiana Organic Coconut Flour  500g

If you click on the image, it will take you direct to the supplier.


9 thoughts on “Coconut and Almond Flour

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  4. I have to say I really love your website, the way you write
    is awe inspiring!

  5. Hi Micki – do you recommend this coffee grinder then? Just wondering how effective it is (mainly because people always go on about the decent ones costing the earth – and I see that this one is very cheap lol!) Have you tried it with any seeds? Thanks!

  6. Yes, I use it all the time for my coffee mostly and for grinding small amounts of flaxseeds. Works fine!

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