Hot Drinks, DIY Dairy and Soya

I received this message this morning and thought my answer might be useful for all of you:

The US gluten place says to avoid soya … is that right or is soya ok? It also says to avoid coffee, teas, etc.  What hot drinks can you have?

I think Peter Osbone at the Gluten Free Society is doing a super-healthy diet so advises you to avoid processed food as much as possible, which of course, is no bad thing if you are trying to get the body to heal.

I would suggest redbush tea (high antioxidant, caffeine-free, tastes and looks similar) and whatever milk you can have, soya as long as it is organic, unsweetened, TGF and non GM (see my previous post for the one I have.)

Soya is a common allergen, though, so watch out for symptoms. There are loads of other dairy-free choices and when I get a mo I plan to review them from a nutritional perspective and advise accordingly. For now, vary your ‘milk’ choices. Check out my DIY Dairy article, published at FoodsMatter, which might give you some more ideas.


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