Supplements Special Report

The first TrulyGlutenFree special report is now out!

One of the main questions I have been asked, apart from diet stuff, is how do I get well? This is a big question, as you can imagine, but the first way is to be able to get your nutrient levels up high enough again for your body systems to function as well as they can. This is clearly easier said than done when the vast majority of true gluten sufferers can’t tolerate the very supplements that would help because they contain overt and hidden grains.

Hence this Special Report on supplements, which has taken months to research. I contacted over 45 different suppliers and pummelled them with questions. One by one, they fell by the wayside as I dug deeper, but one company shone out!

The report includes details of the first range of TGF-safe supplements I have found.

I have painstakingly gone through the whole range and produced a list of all their products free from grains and dairy (and other common allergens), explained what to look for on supplement labels and even given some suggested product combinations to start your healing process off well.

Here is part of the introduction to the 13 page report:

The biggest problem with supplements is that many say they are free from common allergens including gluten, but of course that is traditional gluten free, not truly gluten free. Many of them contain ingredients directly from grains, especially corn. Even when companies say their supplements are corn free, much of the time they contain ingredients that have been derived from corn but the ubiquitous phrase ‘there is none left in the finished product’ then gets bandied about.

This is based on the belief that it is the proteins in foods that cause the problem. But it may not be. Research is showing that starches can cause problems too. When a company says a product has been tested for gluten and is clear, they mean it has been tested for the gluten protein, not the actual grain. Most of the time, they also mean it is gluten free in that gluten levels found are lower than the allowable amounts set for coeliacs. It’s not their fault; that’s just the way the system is currently. But unfortunately, it is not good enough for trulyglutenfree-ers.

Intrigued? Want to read the full report? Download it here.

This is the first report on supplements. I am close to clearing a second range, plus herbals and homeopathics will follow, so join the TGF family now and get all of them as they come out. I hope you find this report useful; I’m off for a lie down!


8 thoughts on “Supplements Special Report

  1. […] so I have high hopes!), I will let you know. Meantime, stick to the supplements recommended in the Supplements Special Report for now. If you want to try them, you can buy direct from the Gluten Free Society […]

  2. […] the second Supplements Special Report for you. If you haven’t seen the first one yet, take a look here. In the first one, I outlined the problem with finding truly gluten free supplements (pretty much […]

  3. Hi Micki
    Have you any experience of a company called “Seventh Wave” who claim to produce 100% pure and natural supplements?

    • Hi Paul, just looked at them and can see they are eschewing additives which is good BUT on the two products I checked out quickly, the fish oil says contains no soya or additives but it contains soya lecithin in the capsule shell and ‘natural vitamin E’ is usually from soya although could be sunflower based??? The probiotic contains maltodextrin which will be from corn so the ‘gluten-free’ as usual means gliadin free. Olive leaf, for example, contains maize starch so the range may be free from some common additives but def not TGF safe. Keep looking! Not to say some of this range might not suit of course, but we’d have to go through each one. Thanks for letting me know about them.

      • Micki – I am completely at a loss to know what to do any more. I have in writing from them that their products are completely corn-free. I have used their Acerola, Ginger and Garlic products – but I do feel some side effects at times. I have looked at Higher Nature which you commended recently but I have found all sorts of alien stuff in their products. Is there no EC law which controls labelling of supplements?

  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of supplements, Paul! What is it you are trying to achieve? TGF supplements?

  5. Use the contact page, Paul. It comes direct to me.

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